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You Need To Follow The TSA Instagram Right Now

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Where else are you gonna find a bag of eels, really?

Sometimes people do the darndest things. Like, say, try and smuggle 92 pounds of marijuana through the airport security line.

Thankfully, the TSA has an informative/hilarious Instagram page that captures some of the best things recovered in security searches.

Their Insta chronicles typical confiscated items, like handguns.

This one was loaded.

To the truly bizarre.

Fun fact: Anything that resembles a hand grenade is gonna get confiscated.

Oh sure, take your bag of eels across state lines.

According to the TSA, “the passenger was attempting to transport 163 marine tropical fish and 22 invertebrates” into Venezuela.

Or your pantyhose filled with tiny snakes.

Yes, that’s an actual thing someone tried to smuggle through a security check point.

There are tons of weapons confiscated, like this smoke grenade.


A gaggle of knives.

And tactical axes.

People are always trying to smuggle hand grenades through, for some reason.

Another hand grenade.

So many hand grenades.

Some people use ~creative~ means of trying to smuggle weapons through — like stuffed animals.

This knife was found stuffed into the sole of a shoe.

This inert grenade was stuffed inside a stuffed animal penguin.

And these knife blades were found taped into a Scooby Doo greeting card.


Important rule: You may check your sword in your luggage but you can’t put it in your carry-on.

The account also features the cute doggies of the TSA K9 unit. THIS IS ROKO.

And here is Hilbert. HILBERT!

So remember: Have a great trip and leave your C4 explosive at home.

Source: buzzfeed.com