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This Guy Took His Terminally Ill Dog On An Epic Adventure Across The Country

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From New York to California, this dog had the trip of a lifetime.

Meet Poh, a wonderful, adventurous dog who has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness. His owner, Neil Rodriguez, decided Poh needed one last hurrah, so they completed an epic bucket list together.

The 15-year-old dog and Rodriguez were ready for an adventure after discovering Poh had inoperable tumors. He introduced himself to the Instagram world and was off from New York to the West Coast.

Caption: “We are going to go South to North Carolina, Texas, Arizona… All the way up the west coast to Seattle and back. This will be just like pee wee Herman’s trip without the bicycle.”

The veterinarian told Rodriguez that Poh could have as little as a few days left, but Rodriguez had an upcoming DJ gig in Arizona. He told BuzzFeed, “I didn’t want to leave my dog, and I was like, you know what, I’ll just drive to Arizona.”

This one trip ended up turning into a 46-day tour around the U.S., where they visited over 35 cities.

Poh got to see everything from an energy healing space in Sedona to Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.

He even got to see the bright lights of the Vegas Strip!

Monday night lights. #pohthedogsbigadventure in #vegas

A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on

He also made some furry friends along the way.

Rodriguez knew that Poh loved being out and about rather than sitting at home waiting for the inevitable. “He has a lot of spirit. He does better on the road than when at home,” he said.

Now doing my t-rex impression. I have to find that bar that peewee Herman did his dance at now and my day will be complete…

A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on

Poh ended up being quite the traveler. Rodriguez said, “When we’re out, you can see it in his eyes and energy. He loves being outside.”

But his favorite place on the road trip had to be anywhere with a spot to swim. “He love, love, LOVES the beach,” his owner explained. “Anything with water. In Austin he got to fully submerge for the first time.”

Poh’s first time at the beach was a success, and he fell in love as soon as his paws hit the water.

Poh has currently taken over New York and has been going on shorter trips to cities near him.

Rodriguez told BuzzFeed, “I wasn’t even sure he was going to make it to California, so then our next thing to do was bring him back to New York City and we did that. He’s already been alive for five weeks since we got home.” Neil is already planning birthday trips for both his birthday next month and Poh’s in October.

Here’s to the next set of adventures, Poh!

You can follow his epic travels at the Poh the Dog’s Big Adventure Instagram.