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This Couple Had A True WTF Moment When They Discovered A Snake In Their Kitchen

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On Sunday, Laura Neff was milling about her farm near Charlotte, North Carolina. She discovered a 4-foot-long snake crawling out of her spice cabinet and attempting to eat an egg.

A true WTF moment.

In the video’s description, the avid farmer said that the snake is just a rat snake, and is not venomous.

Neff continued, “They are beneficial due to their tendency for eating rodents and eggs, usually outside, of course.”

The description of the YouTube video stated, “As soon as we could get its bulk under the brooms, we hefted it out the window, and off it went to the rest of its evening.” Neff joked, “And then we drank.”

The couple emphasized the snake was not hurt during this afternoon snack sesh.

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