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These 24 Corgis Feel Some Strong Feelings About The Snow

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This is a process.

The corgi’s first line of defense against the snow is the expression of general dissatisfaction.

Next, he will feign helplessness and play up his youthful appearance for sympathy.

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Soon, he will grow coolly defiant of your request to play in the snow.


The corgi might pretend to be disoriented and generally unequipped to handle the snow.

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Do not be fooled by these power plays using the appeal of adorability.

Instead, equip your corgi with a jaunty sweater and a safe place to roam.


Be warned, the corgi will continue to express sad resignation to a cruel fate.

Loves the snow!! #corgi #snowcorgi

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And will beg to return indoors.


If you see this expression, you know that your corgi is coming close to acceptance of the snow.

This face indicates that your corgi has decided if he must play in the snow, he shall reign over it with majesty.

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And will begin playful experimentation.

Experimentation will give way to frolicking.

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Which leads inevitably to joyful gallivanting.


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Your corgi will transform back into her generally happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Your corgi’s pleasure at the abundance and magic of winter shall soon be clear.


And might even result in praise songs for the joy of the snow.

A winter dance may commence.

And an unusually strong desire to show athleticism might emerge.

At this point, suggesting that your corgi return inside will result in defiance.

And possible attempts to camouflage himself in the snow.


When this fails, sulking will commence when your corgi must return inside.

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She may ask repeatedly when it is time to return to the joyful mounds of winter bliss.

And will continue to express displeasure until falling asleep.

At which point, vivid dreams of the frosty indulgence shall commence.

Recreating the famous dog of Pompeii pose #lava #lazycorgi #snowcorgi

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