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Scientists Recover Audio by Analyzing Tiny Vibrations in a Bag of Chips

Using a high-speed camera, scientists at MIT have been able to passively recover audio by analyzing minute vibrations, effectively turning everyday objects into ‘Visual Microphones’. You can read more about this fascinating work by Abe Davis, Michael Rubinstein, Neal Wadhwa, Gautham J. Mysore, Fredo Durand and William T. Freeman at the MIT project page.

High-Speed Photos of Ink and Metal Dropped Into Water

Alberto Seveso (featured ) is an Italian artist currently based in Bristol, UK, specializing in illustration, graphic design and photography. In a series entitled Heavy Metals, Seveso continues to explore new fluids and forms combined with high-speed photography. In this series, Seveso combines various inks and metallic powders, dropping them into water and capturing the…

Porcelain Metamorphosis by Martin Klimas

When cheap, cut-rate porcelain figurines hit the ground they shatter. Photographer Martin Klimas captures this transformative and fleeting moment right before their demise. The juxtaposition of the figurine’s imminent destruction and their stoic face makes for a very striking capture. Martin calls these ‘temporary sculptures’. It takes countless attempts and he only uses one photograph…