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Eruption at Bardabunga. GoPro Melts but SD Card is Saved

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DJI’s Eric Cheng flew two Phantom quadcopters to capture a recent eruption at Iceland’s Bardabunga Volcano. Cheng got so close that the GoPro’s casing melted but the SD card was salvaged and the amazing footage captured can be seen above.

For a longer version with narration by Eric and the journey to get to the volcano, see here.

Bardarbunga (Anglophone spelling) is a stratovolcano located under Vatnajökull, Iceland’s most extensive glacier. The second highest mountain in Iceland, 2,009 metres (6,591 ft) above sea level, Bárðarbunga is also part of a volcanic system that is approximately 200 kilometres (120 mi) long and 25 kilometres (16 mi) wide. [source]