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8 Controversial News Ads

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cnn turkey hundred dollar bill print ad

Russia Today tells us to, ‘Question More’. Fox News claims they are, ‘Fair and Balanced’. The New York Times simply publishes, ‘All the News That’s Fit to Print’. And, The Guardian makes you, ‘Think…’.

It seems there’s always an ulterior motive, a deeper agenda and complicated back story to every headline. Any news outlet can report the facts but who delves deeper and asks ‘why’ and ‘how’? If being provocative, controversial, and at times, sensational, sells more copies and grabs more eyeballs, the same tactics must apply to their advertising campaigns.

cnn turkey print ad billboard two sides to story controversial

controversial cnn turkey ad two sides to story

rt banned print ads in us

Is the ability to influence minds more potent than a deadly force?

russia today banned ads controversial

If violence against civilians defines terrorism, then how do people in a war zone distinguish friendly forces?

russia today climate change billboards banned

Is climate change a real threat or a global conspiracy?

russia today print ads two sides to story obama

Should fear of an unknown menace detract from the presence of the world´s largest nuclear arsenal?

controversial russia today news ads

Should a democratically elected government use violence to control a demonstration?