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37 Agonizing New Zealand Problems

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End of the Middle Earth.

Let’s start with the obvious.

Obvious, but still annoying.

Waiting out a New Zealand traffic jam #travel #NewZealand #newzealandproblems

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Mate. Get out of the fucking car.

And then there’s the neighbours.

Still, at least they actually acknowledge we exist.


Unlike everyone else.


Basically no one understands us.

Never know what to put when asked for my state – New Zealand problems <- #funny

— latestfunny (@Funny Stuff)

37 Agonizing New Zealand Problems


Wow seriously @cottonon (#typo), no NZD?! #NZproblems #alwaysforgotten @fiona22nz

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Then there’s the constant reminders that we’re living in the danger zone.


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Oh you wanted to go somewhere?

NZ is a place with unique problems.

Check out New Zealand’s ‘toughest’ PR issues of 2014: | Quite a list of ‘first world problems’

— BobPickard (@Bob Pickard)

37 Agonizing New Zealand Problems

Like being a nation split in two.

Like which Wi-Fi network to choose.

And the AGONY that is Halloween.

Major problem? A draconian government that limits our personal freedoms.

So far from “civilization” even the most basic things cost a ridiculous amount.

A nation where a Marmite shortage is a national emergency.

With chocolate milk so good we have to ration it.

Suddenly I really want chocolate milk #nzproblems

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Not forgetting our generally shitty weather.

😐😕😑😶 #kiwiproblems #Auckland #NewZealand #weather summer ??? ☁️☔️❄️⚡️⛅️ 🗾

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That one hot day when the tarmac sticks to your Jandals.

This horrific moment.

Worst start to the warmer months ever #KiwiProblems

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And the goddamn flies.

But mainly, the goddamn winters.

We breed a vicious breed of criminal.

Distinctively NZ crime problems.

— mikewsc1 (@Mike Ticher)

37 Agonizing New Zealand Problems

Keeping them away from the good stuff is a constant battle.

#nzproblems #marmaggedon #marmightygood

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Which is why we deploy our intelligence resources where they’re most needed.

Only in New Zealand is sheep theft a problem… #nzproblems

— DorcyJaffray (@Dorcy Jaffray)

37 Agonizing New Zealand Problems

And just when you’ve finally escaped the last of the sheep.

New Zealand roadtrip problems: cows on the road

— tara_papworth (@Tara Papworth)

37 Agonizing New Zealand Problems



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That time I found a giant Weta in the bathroom… #currently #coolbutnotsocool #kiwiproblems

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National disgrace? You’ve never seen a kiwi.

Bloody native wildlife!

How do you remedy this? #newzealandproblems #kaikoura #newzealand

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This joke on repeat till The End of Time.

And I thought our WINTERS were bad…#middleearthproblems

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The same bloody jokes, every, single, time.

The same bloody jokes, every, single, time.

Twitter: @Hristivoje

Here we go again #RoadTripProblems.

#nzproblems #mooooove

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Goddammit New Zealand.

So we're stuck in traffic… #nzproblems #theyrebaaad #whowantslambchops

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