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33 Pets Who Are Totally Winning Halloween

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1. This super cool dude.

2. And this cuddly little captain.

3. This adorable pumpkin picker.

4. These hardcore football fans.

5. And this unimpressed hot dog.

6. This teeny little cow.

7. And this ~fancy~ ballerina.

8. This concerned ladybug.

9. And this surprised pug pumpkin.

10. This super cheerful bumblebee.

11. And this cozy kitty in his holiday sweater.

12. This Chihuahua who is the cutest Batman to walk the Earth.

13. And this guy who makes sharks look not-so-scary.

14. This adorable burrito.

15. And this fluffy football.

16. This guy who makes mummies look super cute.

17. And this disapproving taco cat.

18. This fierce lion king.

19. And this stylish kitty.

21. And this spooky ghost hedgehog.

22. This sleepy bumblebee.

23. And this brave Gryffindor pup.

24. These professional Halloweeners.

25. And this snuggly dog taco.

26. This kitten who makes banana splits look extra cute.

27. And this teeny pumpkin fluffball.

28. This proud baseball fan.

29. And this adorable hot dog.

30. These two who are fully prepared for their night of trick or treating.

31. And this teddy bear who is celebrating with is best buds.

32. This hard working pup.