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32 Adopted Pets Who Are Thankful For Their Forever Homes

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Rescues are the best breed.

“I found a forever home and my best friend in the whole world came with it!”

“I get to sleep in this cozy bed every night and it’s the BEST THING ever.”

“I’m gonna give as many fluffy kisses as I can to my human this Thanksgiving.”

“I’m thankful that my humans let me share this SUPER comfy bed with them.”

“I don’t really know what a ‘Santa Claus’ is yet, but my humans are teaching me!”

“Snuggle sessions with my forever best friend are the best part of my new home!”

“I’m most thankful that my human lets me adventure around her backyard, it’s THE MOST fun.”

“We should all be thankful for yummy snacks this year. If I give my human these puppy dog eyes I get TONS of ‘em.”

“All I ever want in life is to cuddle with my human on this bed for the rest of eternity.”

“I’m thankful for cozy nap times…they’re easily the best part of the day!”

“I clearly have the best human, just look at all the fabulous scratchy toys he got me.”

“LOTS of kitty kisses are in store for my human this Thanksgiving!”

“I’m thankful that my human gave me this fuzzy hat to keep my ears warm this winter, he’s THE BEST.”

“I’m so happy in my forever home, I just can’t stop blowing puppy kisses at EVERYONE I see.”

“I love my human so much, I even let her kiss my lil kitty paws.”

“We should all be thankful for nap times in the sunlight, amiright?”

“The holiday season is WAY more fun when you’re surrounded by all the people you love.”

“I even get to drink out of the human glasses in my new forever home!”

“I’m puttin’ this ear up so everyone knows my human is NUMBER ONE.”

“I could lay here forever and be the happiest pup in the whole world.”

“Can’t you SEE how much I love my humans?”

“The fun never stops when you’ve got two adopted best buds around!”

“Now that I have my forever home I get to show off my ~expert~ fetching skills!”

“My forever humans taught me some real cool tricks, like how to sit SUPER still to get a treat.”

“Look at this stylish sweater! Life will NEVER GET BETTER THAN THIS.”

“Holding hands with my favorite human is the best part of having a forever home.”

“Look at this ginormous couch my humans got for me! It’s huge and it’s ALL MINE.”

“It’s pretty awesome that my humans taught me how to take selfies, still perfecting my skills though.”

“I stick my tongue out a lil bit every time I nap, so my humans know how much I’m lovin’ it.”

“The best part of my forever home is acting silly and putting a smile on my human’s face.”

“Adventures are ENDLESS when there are two rescue pups around!”

“Do you see this smile?! THIS IS THE FACE OF HAPPINESS.”