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29 People Who Are Done With Australia

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Australia is terrible this time of year.

This bloke held against his will.

This girl being forced to the beach.

This guy and his girlfriend HATING the isolation.

This couple totally UNIMPRESSED with the views.

These guys pointing out where they’d rather be.

These guys trying to get airborne ASAP.

Let's jump high, mate! 😂👯 #iloveaustralia #kidsforever #happydays #travel

A photo posted by Judit Pali (@picijuci) on

This fella wishing he was anywhere else.

Happy Easter! #sun #beach #australia #easter #nsw #newsouthwales #iloveaustralia #ocean #jervisbay #friends

A photo posted by Mateusz Cichocki (@matt_cic) on

This person getting hassled by a pelican.

This girl who is OVER beach living.

This girl who just woke from a bad dream.

This kid migrating to New Zealand immediately.

This person who is over the featureless scenery.

This family who were sure the brochure said Austria.

This girl losing the will to live.

Ok, I've done the cliche shot. But look where I am!!! 🌴💙🌴

A photo posted by Art Of Work (@artofwork) on

This poor woman forced to hold a bear.

This guy getting photobombed mid-selfie.

Selfie with K-mate. #iloveaustralia #dreamworld #march2015 #kangaroo #wefie #throwback

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This person trying to express just how much she hates Australia.

These guys interrupted by the local pest.

#kangaroos #iloveaustralia #australia #feedme #bouncybouncybouncy #skippy #familyportrait 🌎

A photo posted by Lucy Bound✌️☀️🍹 (@lucyellabound) on

This girl wishing she was anywhere else.

This girl OVER driving on sand.

This girl who had no interest in holding hands.

These guys who are really over sunsets right now.

This girl finding Australians very unwelcoming.

These guys in a world of pain.

#sydney #australia #aussie #instamood#gopro#iloveaustralia

A photo posted by Iona Didishvili (@ionadidi) on

This guy DONE with the native wildlife.

This person who hates the water and just realised she’s totally in the wrong place.

These guys who would rather be anywhere else.

This girl who is out of here.

And this girl who just wanted to swim in peace.