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27 Of The Most Delicious Cheap Eats In Paris

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Delicious food for little money.

27 Of The Most Delicious Cheap Eats In Paris

BuzzFeed / Bruno Collinet / Via Flickr: collinox

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite meal in Paris . Here’s what they said, with a few additions from the BuzzFeed France team:

The fries from Du Clercq – Les Rois de la Frite

One of the best fast-food restaurants in Paris and THE specialist of Belgium fries (or, as American call them inaccurately “French fries”).

Submitted by Laetitia Boyer Rodriguez, Facebook

The crêpes from Au P’tit Grec

“Everyone needs to go to Au P’tit Grec for crepes! It’s absolutely delish and will cost you only about 6 Euros at most. I can’t finish an entire crepe by myself sometimes cause the portions are huge!”

Submitted by

The pastries from La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac

La nouvelle version de la tarte au citron a découvrir demain #lapatisserie

A photo posted by Cyril Lignac (@cyril_lignac) on

Cyril Lignac is a very famous French chef, famous for hosting many cooking shows on TV. His delicious pastries and breads live up to his reputation and are really worth the trip.

Submitted by Béatrice Montgomery, Facebook

The vegan food from Tien Hiang

Heaven on earth ! #vegan #tienhiang #paris

A photo posted by Fanny (@fannywhatever) on

“For vegans, the Tien Hiang is the BEST RESTAURANT IN FRANCE.”

Submitted by Alice PetitSucre, Facebook

The Jewish Ashkenazi specialties at Sacha Finkelsztajn

Located on Rue des Rosiers, at the heart of Le Marais, Paris’ historic Jewish neighborhood, Sacha Finkelsztajn’s “yellow store” offers a selection of delicious Polish and Eastern European pastries and breads.

Submitted by Alice PetitSucre, Facebook

The éclairs from L’éclair de génie

The éclairs from L'éclair de génie

Bruno Collinet / Via Flickr: collinox

“Anything at L’éclair de genie, Christophe Adam’s pastry shop in Le Marais. Incredible.”

Submitted by

The falafels from L’As du Fallafel

I suggested this place in and many people agreed in the comments. That’s because l’As du Fallafel makes the best falafels in the world. This is not an overstatement. I dream of them sometimes, that’s how good they are. If you don’t believe me, just trust Lenny Kravitz.

Submitted by , BuzzFeed France

Urfa Dürüm

The delicious Kurdish sandwiches from Urfa Dürüm, located on rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis.

Submitted by Sophie Brissaud, Facebook

Berthillon ice cream

After a 25 minute wait for🍦😋 #Berthillon

A photo posted by Paige Wong (@wpaigey) on

“Definitely the best ice cream I’ve ever had.”

Submitted by

The ramen at Higuma

Qui régale ce soir ? C'est Nabiiiiile ! 👌🍜 #Higuma #JapanFood #Foodtrotter

A photo posted by Amélie 🇫🇷 (@ah_mais_lis) on

You should try “a 9€ bowl of incredible Kimchi Ramen from Higuma at Palais Royal.”

Submitted by Juan Christian Sombrin-Guerrero, Facebook

The hot chocolate from Angelina

Everyone MUST try the delicious and extravagant hot chocolate from Angelina.

Submitted by Anne Elder, Facebook

All the sandwiches from Chez Alain Miam Miam

All the sandwiches from Chez Alain Miam Miam

Chez Alain Miam Miam, photo OLIVIER BENIER / Via Facebook: ChezAlainMiamMiam

“Best sandwich in town!”

Submitted by Abramovič Matthieu, Facebook

A tajine or a couscous from Le Traiteur Marocain du Marché des Enfants Rouges

L'heure du #couscous #marché #enfantsrouges #royal #instafood

A photo posted by Huy-Vy Phan (@huyvy) on

The Moroccan stand of the Marché des Enfants Rouges in Le Marais has some of the best Moroccan food you’ll eat in Paris. And in addition to being delicious, it is a really nice place to eat outdoors when it’s not too cold out.

Submitted by , BuzzFeed France

Anything from Du Pain et des Idées

Pastry game strong 😍! #pistachio #custard #dupainetdesidees #foodandlycra #patisserie #paris #btgprs

A photo posted by Rachel @foodandlycra (@supernoodlerach) on

From its amazing pain des amis to its rolls, Du Pain et des Idées, located close to the Canal St Martin, is hands down THE best bakery in the city.

Submitted by , BuzzFeed France

The sandwiches at Gustave Pigalle

#gustavepigalle #onveuttout #unedesbonnesadresses #sopi #ruehenrymonnier #clapsdelamortquitue

A photo posted by Debeaulieu (@debeaulieuparis) on

“For a new take on sandwiches, there’s also Gustave, in Pigalle, who makes Claps, a sandwich wrapped in a tortilla with delicious fillings.”

Submitted by

The tapas and cold cuts plates at L’Avant-Comptoir

The atmosphere and the food are both outstanding. A must if you’re looking for a fun lunch or dinner experience in Paris (dinner is a bit more expensive).

Submitted by , BuzzFeed France

A Phở from Le Kok

“A huge heaping bowl of pho from Le Kok in the 13éme (~€8.50)! They even give you a plate of beef for free if you ask. Definitely the best in that arrondissement.”

Submitted by

Hutch House of Hot Dogs

Profiter d'une dernière journée off #hutch #hutchhotdogs #hutchhouseofhotdogs #instafood #pornfood #miammiam #yummy

A photo posted by Gwenael Merlier Van Acker (@gwenvanacker) on

“For a hot dog, you have the fantastic Hutch, located rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis. The neighborhood is nice, the hot dogs don’t need to be fancy, they’re hot dogs. The bagels are nice too. Everything is between 4 and 6 euros. ”

Submitted by

Bob’s Kitchen’s veggie stew

Yummy green lunch 💚

A photo posted by Sarah (@sar.ah13) on

“The veggie stew (€9,50) and the pancakes (€8) are heavenly!”

Submitted by

The pies from Le Loir dans la Théière

#lemon #meringue #pie #loirdanslatheiere #marais

A photo posted by Yannis (@cyannnis) on

The lemon meringue pie “is SO good and SO huge. €7.50 SO WORTH IT.”

Submitted by

(And if you’re not in the mood for lemon meringue pie, Le Loir dans la Théière offer a wide selection of pies and cakes that are all to die for.)

Salade 5 diamants from Chez Gladines

“The now-famous Gladines offers extraordinary salads and traditionnal basque cuisine.”

Submitted by

(The salade 5 diamants is a favorite among regulars (it costs 10,70 euros).)

The noodle bowls at Happy Nouilles

“Hands down, the noodle bowls at Happy Nouilles around Arts et Métiers. They make all their noodles fresh (you can watch the chefs stretch out the dough while you eat!) and the noodle bowls are a great deal: between 7-10 euros and absolutely massive.”

Submitted by

The Bobun from Le Petit Cambodge

one of the best BOBUN in Paris🇫🇷 So delicious🍜 #bobun #paris #instafood #lepetitcambodge #foodporn

A photo posted by lifestyle brand OÙSQUE👀 (@ousque) on

“Le Petit Cambodge [is] a Vietnamese restaurant near République where you can get a great bo bun for 9,50 in a beautiful setting.”

Submitted by

The tacos at El Nopal taquería

🌵🔥 |Chicharrón–Pollo–Barbacoa| #homemade #tacos #elnopalparis

A photo posted by Emmanuel— (@maniu_) on

“El Nopal taquería is the only real Mexican in Paris!!”

Submitted by

The Moroccan pastries at La Grande Mosquée de Paris

#grandemosquee#paris #petitthé#poseyyy ;)

A photo posted by @mayliszlt on

“At the Grand Mosquée de Paris (next to the Jardin de Plantes and the Jussieu or Place Monge métro), they have a lovely semi-open-air salon de thé where you can get wonderful Moroccan mint tea and Moroccan pastries and cakes for about 2 euros per item. It’s a lovely place to go for a refreshing and sweet snack and good conversation.”

Submitted by

A nice breakfast from Café Lomi

Breakfast time with my mom👌#cafelomi#coffeeart#bonneadresse#paris#75018#cityguide#breakfast

A photo posted by Anna (@fashion_salad) on

One of the best cafés in Paris, with mindblowing coffee, delicious pastries, and great brunches (the brunches are pricier though).

Submitted by

The salads from Chez Papa

Across the table is at times already too far. ✨

A photo posted by Roberto Campos 📷 (@stylecomptoir) on

These restaurants specializing in South-Western food have huge, delicious, and cheap salads.

Submitted by , BuzzFeed France

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