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26 Hairless Cats Making Regular Human Things Look Spectacular

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The sphynx breed is just like you, only better.

Taking selfies.

Waving “Hello” to friends.

Going on Tumblr.

#TumblrCat #sphynxlair #sphynxlove #hairlescat #sphynxofinstagram #catsofinstagram #nypix #catfollowers 💻😼

A photo posted by Mother Of Dragons 🐉 (@three_sphynxs_from_brooklyn) on

Celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Thinking about the limits of the universe.

Going to space museums to learn more about the limits of the universe.

Rocking out.

Gääääääsp. #sphynx #sphynxbaby #sphynxkittens #sphynxofinstagram #våragrymmasphynxar

A photo posted by ROBIN EMANUEL SANDBERG (@robemanuels) on

Taking artsy brunch photos.

Adjusting to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Embracing the unlikely return of Southwestern patterns.

Seeing if their feet are where that smell is coming from.

#sphynxlair #sphynxofinstagram looking for some new ig friends

A photo posted by Pauly & Jack (@pauly.and.jack.sphynx) on

Seeing your search history and being shocked.

Having resting bitch face.

Quietly judging people.

Sleepin’ in.

Gettin’ high.

Enhancing their cleavage.

Taking their turn as referee at the kids’ soccer games.

Reassuring the dog that everything will be OK.

Getting rowdy during sporting events.

Practicing yoga.

The Daily Nude! 3.2.15 📰 Thanks @dashadaysse! This is how I feel on Monday's. ❤️ #sphynxlair

A photo posted by The Daily Nude!™ (@sphynxlair) on

Getting excited for the ice cream truck.

Celebrating their curves.

Keeping up with their beauty routines.

No hairs? Who cares… 😼

A photo posted by Ksenia Butsuk (@ksenia_kardy) on

Having a best friend who is their total opposite but making it work.