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25 Sassy Dogs Whose Sweater Game Is Stronger Than Yours

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They’re sexy and they damn well know it.

“Waldo’s got nothing on me.”

GOT U #WALDO #dogsweaters

A photo posted by @willnicks on

“Look, I’m sorry you didn’t get the modeling job. The casting director just liked my style better.”

“This isn’t my color, but I’ll make it work anyway. Like I always do.”

“The force is strong with us. Haha JK. But really.”

“Bro, I know I look dapper AF. We don’t need a picture to prove it.”

He might be mad at me for doing this to him 😁 #dogsweater #maltipoo

A photo posted by Diane (@the_runaway_rogue) on

“No pattern is ‘too much.’ You just gotta make it your bitch.”

“Christian Bale gets all his styling tips from me.”

#morkie #dogsweater #dogsofinstagram #batdog

A photo posted by Colleen Mattis (@colleenmattis) on

“America’s Next Top Model, Canine Edition.”

The team 👌😂🙈

A photo posted by Bertòk Andi (@_bertoka_) on

“When in doubt, always use a tried-and-true pattern. It’s classy and stylish, like me.”

“Red just really brings out my eyes, tbh.”

“Um, yeah. Foxes are sooo last year. Sharks are in now.”

“I taught Psy that dance move. You’re welcome.”

“The longer you stare, the better I look.”

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

New sweaters! #pink #Yorkies #YorkshireTerrier #YorkieLove #puppylove #dogs #dogsweaters #Boo #Bella

A photo posted by Joellyn Crowley (@shadowagent001) on

“Emo is always in style — at least, it is when I wear it.”

We dress dogs too @skullcashmere

A photo posted by 360CASHMERE (@360cashmere) on

“Take notes, people. THIS is the new direction in style.”

“I can pull off camo without looking like a douche.”

“The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.”

“Beyoncé wishes she were as flawless as me.”

“We’re already running late and that’s what you’re gonna wear?”

“I put the ‘stud’ in stud-muffin.”

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Hate me because you’re not me.”

“Ugly sweater? There’s no such thing.”

“Ugh, it’s so exhausting being this good looking.”

I love Saturdays. And my bed. And my sweater. #dogsofinstagram #goldiethegreyt #greyhoundsofinstagram #dogsweaters

A photo posted by Goldie Lynn (@goldie.lynn) on

“Yep, I fucking do.”