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25 Faces Every Socially Awkward Person Will Recognize

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Dogs know what’s up.

When someone introduces themselves to you at a party and you immediately forget their name.

One of our new roomies! #Labrador #yellowlab #jeter #funnydogfaces

A photo posted by Alexis O'Neill (@alexisohno) on

And instead of asking for their name again, you have to avoid them for the rest of your existence.

When you’re running errands and accidentally bump into a co-worker…

Maybe she won’t notice me? Shit, too late.

… And then you get trapped in the longest stop and chat of your life.

A photo posted by earlboykins (@earlboykins) on

You have no idea how to politely end a conversation so you’re stuck talking to them until they decide it’s OK to part ways. SMH.

When you tell a joke you thought was hilarious but no one laughs.

They probably didn’t hear me? I’ll tell it again, just in case.

When you’re invited to a Halloween party and you’re the only one who dressed up.

OMG! I just had to post this! I died ;D #sealpug #pug #seal #wtfdog #random #puglife #remindsmeofapokemon #lol #died #funny

A photo posted by Denise Wood Skaar (@rhavaniell) on

Did I miss something when I read the invite for this costume party? Like???

When someone asks if they can carpool with you to work in the mornings.

😂😂look at this dogs face ! God this just me laugh crazy ! 🐶🐶 #funnydogfaces

A photo posted by Bridget Sara Amoroso (@forever_always_loved) on

Which basically means you’ll be trapped in a car and forced to have small talk all the way to work. Nope. My car doesn’t work, sorry.

When you have to fight with all of your power to maintain eye contact in every single conversation you have.

Say what? #funnydogface

A photo posted by Audrey Calloway (@kokopelli513) on

Must. Not. Look. Away.

When someone gives you a compliment and you don’t know how to respond.

Thank you? IDK.

When you invite friends over for dinner and soon regret the decision because you just want to be alone.

A photo posted by earlboykins (@earlboykins) on

I’ve made a huge mistake.

When you have troubles doing the simplest things, like sitting normally.

*Tries not to be awkward* *Falls off chair*

When you realize you need to leave the comfort of your own home because your food supply is running low.

A photo posted by SS (@susansurface) on

I have to talk to people now? UGH.

When you have no idea how to pose for any picture.

You look like a demon in 98% of the pictures because of the red eye. Obvious supermodel status.

When you attempt any kind of flirting.

Just chillin' on the couch🐶 #russ

A photo posted by lilrussbug (@lilrussbug) on

Wait, sexting? W-T-F is that?

When you want to leave your room but your roommate invited a bunch of their friends over.

I just want to get a snack from kitchen. Is that too much to ask? Go away people.

When you think you know the words to your favorite song but find out the hard way after you’ve been put on the spot.

*Keeps singing despite not knowing any of the words*

When you’re getting your hair cut and the hairdresser asks for your life story.

Please stop asking me all about my childhood. Pls. :(

When you’re trying not to make it obvious that you’re totally creeping someone in public.

When someone thinks it’s a good idea to hug you.


When someone calls your phone and you stare at it in horror until it stops ringing.

And you always text back, “Sorry I’m busy. What’s up?”

When you’re minding your own business at home and then hear someone knocking on the door.

*Stops breathing*

When you’re trying to play it cool drinking water and then end up spilling the entire bottle on your face.

She is so pretty 😂😂😂😂 #brandie #sofunny #lol #sheloveswater #teeth #funnydogfaces #waterbottle

A photo posted by Zack Kelleher (@zackkelleher) on

*Walks away like nothing happened*

When someone pronounces your name wrong but you never correct them.

You might as well stop talking to those people too.

When you can’t find a certain product while shopping and your last resort is to ask an employee for help.

*Stands in the same spot for 10 minutes* “Do you need any help?” “Nope, just looking!”

When you walk into a crowded room and feel that everyone is staring at you.

And then you seal the deal when you basically trip over nothing.

And finally, when you try out some of the latest fashion trends and fail miserably at blending in with the hip kids.

A photo posted by earlboykins (@earlboykins) on

I guess I’m never going back to H&M…