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24 Corgi Sploots You Should Know About

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Don’t get left behind on the #corgisploot trend.

The “Nap ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em” Sploot

Sunday mornin' sploot sesh #lazycorgi #sundayfunday #corgisploot #corgilove #winstonraleigh

A photo posted by Sir Winston Raleigh (@corksandcorgs) on

The “Nothing Better Than A Cool Tile” Sploot

The “Coyest Of Them All” Sploot

It's Saturday. It's hot. Sploot time. #MopHead

A photo posted by Winston the White Corgi (@winstonthewhitecorgi) on

The “2 Cool 4 Pool” Sploot

The “Good Things Come In Double Packages” Sploot

The “Ain’t Gonna Make It” Sploot

The “Looooooooong” Sploot

mosey-a-long #mosesthecorgi

A photo posted by Daphne K. Jenkins (@kauahiilani) on

The “My Bed Is Fluffier Than I Am” Sploot

The “Good Morning, We Smell Bacon” Sploot

The “My Shadow Is As Short As My Temper” Sploot

The “Maybe I’ll Catch A Breeze Soon” Sploot

I have a dog who loves to sploot and being super lazy today

A photo posted by Ellen (@ellenwiy) on

The “You Half Gotta Be Kidding Me” Sploot

This is a new one #corgi #corgination #corgisofinstagram #corgisploot #mapleorangeears

A photo posted by Jenna (@oklahoma_ginger) on

The “Snow Business Like Sploot Business” Sploot

#corgisploot in the snow

A photo posted by Linda Thea (@lindathea) on

The “Family Who Sploots Together Stays Together” Sploot

The “Summertime Splootness” Sploot

jus one a dem dayz #vscocam #mosesthecorgi

A photo posted by Daphne K. Jenkins (@kauahiilani) on

The “Reluctant Participant In Festive Activities” Sploot

The “Couch Splootato” Sploot

Somebody knew I was leaving and she couldn't come so she was glaring at me all morning 😂

A photo posted by Ein and Sylvanas (@einthequeenfluffybutt) on

The “Cautiously Thoughtful” Sploot

#corgisploot #corgi #corgisofinstagram Hazel's sploot always makes me smile.

A photo posted by Jil Larson (@reson8ed) on

The “I See What You Did There And I’d Prefer To Not” Sploot

The “My View Is Splootworthy” Sploot

The “Phases Of The Moon/Sploot” Sploot

The “Are You Charmed By My Smirk?” Sploot

Just enjoying my day!

A photo posted by Toby Lou Bokelman (@toby_lou_) on

The “Fluffy Loaf” Sploot

The “Look Back At It” Sploot