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23 Cats That Took Lazy To A Whole New Level

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#caturday forever.

This lounging cat who’s got this whole “drinking” thing figured out.

This cat who wanted to take a break from climbing.

This cat who gave up halfway through his meal.

This cat who very clearly can’t be bothered.

This cat who’s literally hanging around.

This cat who made his bed and proudly lied in it too.

This cat who figured out what claws are really useful for.

This cat who clearly DGAF about spine health.

This cat who’s taking advantage of the summer sun.

This cat who’d rather use her scratching post as a pillow.

This cat who’s reaching for lazy greatness.

It's much easier getting off the couch this way #LazyCat @maryulseth

A photo posted by annequlseth (@annequlseth) on

This cat who moves for absolutely no one (or thing).

This cat who’s life is perfectly balanced.


A photo posted by Trent Steel (@trentoss) on

This cat whose help in breaking up a fight was minimal at best.

This cat who’d rather nap with his toys than play with them.

This cat who could only go so far before giving up.

This cat who found a better use for your old CD and DVD collection.

This cat who doesn’t even need a solid surface to take a good nap.

This cat who’s clearly happier on her back than anywhere else.

Hope everybody's #nationalcatday was as chill as Etta's 😺😺😺

A photo posted by hannahfiasco (@hannahfiasco) on

This cat who took over your dad’s favorite summer spot.

This cat who is basically all of us on a Friday night.

So busy today.. #cat #tired #cool #instacat #catsofinstagram #catstagram #busyday

A photo posted by Ardiansyah Satria Fajar (@ardiardoy) on

This cat who pretty much gave up on life.

And this cat who basically wins the “laziest cat in the world” award.