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22 Reasons The Long Island Rail Road Is Hell On Earth

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“The 7:43 train to Penn Station is operating on time.” STOP THE LIES.

No passengers.

#Nope #lirr

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The fares only go in one direction.

$19.75 to get home from work? Oh, okay…

Waiting at Penn Station is the worst.

Happy Holidays, I guess.

90-minute delays are almost normal.

“Service restored.”

At least you can rely on never getting to work on time.

How my mornings looking 😊😀😁😂😃 fml lol #lirr #morningcommute #nyc

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This train’s been cancelled.

The view is abysmal.

Don’t even pretend you haven’t taken a picture of the seat vortex.

You will forever freeze, no matter the time of year.

Colder than a witches tit in a brass bra! #hobochronicles #tracksoda #lirr #comute #ticketsplease

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2 pairs of gloves should be enough.

This guy.

And this guy.

Are these people serious?

And these guys on the weekend.

See you never, peace and quiet.

You can never get comfortable.

You know the lights are going to die when you’re on this old piece.

#lirr #mta #old #train

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“It’s vintage!”

People who think it’s okay to pee with the door open.

Are you joking, sir?!

You need to leave while it’s still dark out to make it to work on time.

And so it begins #commute #LIRR #manhattan

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And thusly, you have a 9PM bedtime.

This is what your Happy Hour looks like.

Brown-baggin' on the #LIRR because #classy. #BudLight #TerribleBeer #1ExtraOunceThough #Steal

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Because you’re never anywhere but the LIRR at 5PM.

This person spent more than $7,000 on the LIRR in 18 months.

Over $7,000 to the #LIRR over the past 18 months. Sheesh.

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And you probably have, too.

The happiest moment in your day is getting a full row to yourself.

Standing room only nights.

Equipment trouble happens way too often.

I told them! #lirr #sucks

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Babylon Line hell…rush hour on a Sunday??!? #LIRR Get.It.Together. #likeisaid

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All of it.

This hardly even phases you anymore.

Even when you think you are leaving early, you can't get home early! #commuting #LIRR

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Expect 20 planned canceled trains during the PM rush, people.


En route to the city #lirr #manhattan #train to #pennstation

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All aboard.

22 Reasons The Long Island Rail Road Is Hell On Earth

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