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21 Things You Can Learn From Dogs In Swings

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“Go with the flow.”

“Get a taste of life, but only in little bits at a time.”

“Some wind in your fluff is good every once in a while!”

“Trying out new things is fun!”

Dog in a swing kind of day #doginaswing #swingdog #swinginghound #knowshowtohaveagoodtime

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“The grass is plenty green on your own side!”

“Take some time to appreciate where you are in life and how you got there.”

“If you’re relaxin’, it’d better be to the max.”

“Shade can be a good thing, too!”

“Remember to smile, cuz you never know who you’ll run into.”

Just another #doginaswing 😜😁

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“It’s okay to look down on someone, just don’t look down on someone.”

Took Buddy to the park yesterday. #buddy #dog #park #babyswing #dogswing #cutie

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“Being the smallest one on the playground isn’t a bad thing!”

“Always bring a buddy with you on an adventure. You might really need them!”

I'm glad Dad was amused because I sure as hell wasn't. #sundayfunday #dogswing #goodthingimneutered #boxer #boxersofinstagram

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“Fresh air is the best air!”

Who wants to give me an underdoggy??

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“It’s important to play just as hard as you work. Don’t forget to chill sometimes!”

“Even if something scares you a little bit, it’s important to try!”

#dogswing Sunday.

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“Know when to focus on what’s important.”

“Naps should be like voting: early and often.”

We took baby Mangs to the park today.

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“Embrace whatever makes you different!”

“Having patience is important.”


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“Keep your eyes on the prize!”

“Remember to laugh at yourself sometimes!”

“Most importantly, being grumpy every now and then is totally fair.”