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21 Things Dublin Has That London Is Missing Out On

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Warning: This post contains chips, spice bags, and Superquinn sausages.

Leo Burdock’s fish and chips

Being tradish lassies

A photo posted by Jessi Chambliss (@jfaye_) on

Yes, they have chips everywhere. But these aren’t just any chips. These are Leo Burdock’s traditional Irish (and totally famous) chips. Look, it’s fair to say Dubliners know what they’re doing with potatoes.

The seaside

Home to sandy beaches, rocky coves, and sticks of rock, Dublin has the advantage of being a city right beside the sea.

And the mountains

A definite bonus for hiking (and fresh air) enthusiasts. Oh, and dogs.

City transport with a gorgeous view

City transport with a gorgeous view

Stephen/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: carisenda

London’s transport supersedes Dublin’s in pretty much every way, except the picturesque coastal views of Dublin through the DART’s windows. Who wouldn’t want to look at this?

Chicken fillet rolls

Chicken fillet rolls

Applegreen / Via

This is an Irish delicacy that’s sold at deli counters in convenience stores and garages. It’s basically a baguette filled with sliced crispy chicken and whatever else you’re having. The server may ask you “butter or mayo?”, but never be afraid to say both.

Good pints of Guinness

Drinking pints in gravity bars 💁🏻

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Dublin is the home of the black stuff, so you can be guaranteed an excellent pint of Guinness here — especially in the Gravity Bar above the brewery in Dublin 8.

And proper pubs like Grogan’s to drink them in

Famous for its pints and toasties, and often an early port of call for returning emigrants, Grogan’s is a Dublin institution.

Policemen who are actually funny

Policemen who are actually funny

Via Twitter: @GardaTraffic

Do the Metropolitan Police have Twitter craic like the Gardai? We don’t think so.

Superquinn sausages

Superquinn sausages

Centra / Via

Sadly Superquinn is no longer with us, as it’s now been rebranded as SuperValu. But the infamous sausage lives on, and quite frankly puts all other sausages the world over to shame.

Spice bags

Spice bags / Via

Debate abounds as to which Dublin Chinese takeaway the spice bag originated in, but it’s safe to say it has spread like MSG-covered wildfire. Crispy deep fried chicken, chips, spices, and chilli mean it’s the perfect beige dish to satisfy any hangover. Excellent with curry sauce.

The Phoenix Park

To bonito? 🌷🍀☀️🌀😍 #ireland #dublin #phoenixpark #sunny #saturday

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Yes, those are free roaming and friendly deer. The Phoenix Park in Dublin’s city centre has acres of green space and abundant flora and fauna, and it’s open 24/7.


A seasonal Mecca for those who like their funfairs indoors and high octane, Funderland has been visiting Dublin’s RDS every Christmas for more years than we can remember. Yes, we KNOW you have the London Eye, but do you have candy floss, waltzers, and games too?

Eddie Rockets

🍔 #noms

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With 24 branches dotted around Dublin’s fair city, it’s safe to say that folk here enjoy Eddie’s malted milkshakes, burgers, and wings.

Teddy’s 99s

Study break stroll with

A photo posted by Stephen Bowes (@stephenbowes) on

Open all year round, even when it’s snowing, Teddy’s Ice Cream in Dun Laoghaire is a national treasure.

The view from Killiney Hill

No place like home on a sunny day ❤️☀️ So lucky ☺ 😎 #️BelÉire #KillineyHill #Home

A photo posted by Aoife O'Sullivan ⭐️🌛 (@malibusugarplum) on

I mean, just look.

Cheap(ish) cabs


Look, they’re not exactly economical. But they’re not eye-wateringly expensive either. And your taxi man might dance, if he’s in the mood.

Poetic nicknames for landmarks

Dice la leyenda…

A photo posted by Irene (@rinxouls) on

The Floozie in the Jacuzzi, the Tart with the Car, and the Stiffy By The Liffey — they have a bit more character than pet names like the Gherkin and the Pringle, no?

Spontaneous night out in the city centre

Tonight ❤️

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London nights out involve a lot of planning and logistics, where in Dublin… ah, sure it’ll be grand.

Temple Bar

Dublin 🌆🔝 #ireland #irishstyle #Ilovemynewlife #ilovethiscity

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Often underappreciated by Dubliners, Temple Bar is best avoided when the stag and hen parties take over after dark, but an absolute gem of place in daylight hours for people spotting, street art appreciating, coffee and culture.

The Irish Museum of Modern Art

Because IMMA is as beautiful and picturesque as it is filled with wonderful things.

And finally, Supermac’s

A melhor batata de Dublin! #dublin #ireland #potato #amandanairlanda

A photo posted by Amanda Melo (@amandanairlanda) on

Because you shouldn’t have to choose between a burger, pizza, or garlic cheese chips. Everyone deserves an establishment that serves them all.