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21 Pets Who Do Lazy Sunday The Right Way

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To-do List: Nap.

“Got reading to do! But it can wait until after my third nap.”

#sunnuntai #lazysunday #aamukahvi #kirjanmerkki #kissa

A photo posted by Mari (@marikkilainen) on

“Are these sheets even fresh? Doesn’t matter, nevermind.”

#lazysunday #Kneazle

A photo posted by Jessica Olley (@jessicao9) on


#lazysunday Pedro would prefer that I rub his belly vs watching #seinfeld. #rescuedogs #jackhuahua @shananigens21

A photo posted by Ryan Jacobs (@ryanhjacobs) on

“I know you said we’re going on a W-A-L-K, but I just don’t think I can be bothered at the moment.”

Almost 1 year old! Time flies when you're having fun #blacklab #animal #lazysunday 🌈🌈

A photo posted by Griz lee Trilson (@grizleetrilson) on

“With my butt on this map, it’s like I’m traveling the world but without all the hassle of moving!”

Lazy Sundays bleed into Mondaze…

A photo posted by Boomer, Starbuck & Husker (@battlestargalacticats) on

“Just leave me here, twixt these feet. The business of day I don’t want to meet.”

“I’m essentially married to this blanket today, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t separate us.”

“I’d cuddle with you, but that would require movement and effort on my part.”

“How many hours have I been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Whatever, press play.”

“Just had a dream where I went into work tomorrow, then realized that was REALITY, so I’m going to need another nap.”

“Shhhh. I’m hiding from responsibilities for a few more hours!”

Lazy Sunday…

A photo posted by Guilherme Gregio (@guigregio) on

“This is as glamorous as I’d like to be today, thanks.”

“Take allllll the pictures you want. I’m too tired to move now, but I know how iCloud works thanks to all those hackers.”

Walked in on him like this…… zero f*cks given. #panda #magickitty #lazysunday #whatareyoulookinat #atx #hesprenappingforsxsw

A photo posted by ❂ S A R A T H O M P S O N ❂ (@dailybohemia) on

“What was that? Sorry, couldn’t hear you over all this snoozin’ I’m up to.”

Relaxing on ma. The easy life. What can I say? #lazysunday

A photo posted by The Tictac Times (@tictactimes) on

“Yes, I see the toy, yet I have no interest in any play time today. There’s much relaxing to get done.”

“Lazy Sundays are a flat circle.”

How her name "Mochi" came from. #DailyMochi #ScottishFold #Cat #LazySunday

A photo posted by Tim C (@timocede) on

“Dog bed? Dog is bed. Dogbed.”

#dogsofinstagram #frenchie #likeaboss #lazysunday #chilling #sanfrancisco #california #laidback

A photo posted by Kat (@go_for_au) on

“Thought I’d be productive and get some studying done. However, now that I’m here… not so much.”

Please rub my belly! #instacat #catsofinstagram #catstagram #instakitty #kittygram #catgram #catlove #lazysunday

A photo posted by Raven & Stevie (@rae_and_stevie) on

“This is as far as I got outside today. Next to my purse.”

“Sure do wish my pillow wasn’t so bright and cheery, but I’ll do my best to ignore it. Only sleepy colors for me today.”

So cozy. Snowy Sunday. #rescuepuppy #relaxingpup #cozyleo #lazysunday

A photo posted by Leo mama (@jojolin5) on

“What if I refuse to believe the weekend is over soon? Societal norms are for squares!”