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21 Dogs Doing Their Best Ballerina Impressions

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You’re all dressed and ready to go, so let’s begin.

Don’t forget your leg warmers.

Let’s start in first position.

Excellent turnout!

Dogs need sunglasses too. #bellie #springtime #firstposition

A photo posted by Amy Alexander (@amykangalex) on

Tendu, and back. Again, please.

Even my dog loves yoga, ok time for me to lose total 5 kilos before my birthday in feb 🙏🙏🙏 #dogstretch #yoga #excercise

A photo posted by อุณาวรรณ ตั้งคารวคุณ Yuki (@yuki_yunabkk) on


Now relevé.

You can use the barre for support if you need to.

#nailedit #point #balletdog #spoodle

A photo posted by Latte (@lattethespoodle) on

Now third position, please. Turn your paws out a little more.

Little spring #crossedpaws #elvislip

A photo posted by Alex Smyth (@allics_thats_a.l.e.x) on

Let’s see an arabesque.

And changement!

Ecarté devant! Well, close enough.

Visited Simba today! =) #danceinjeans

A photo posted by Tan Joni (@tan.joni.5) on

And grand jeté!


A photo posted by adelaideturnbull (@adelaideturnbull) on

Back to third.

Turning 1 tomorrow! Party time! #dancersfeet #firstposition #goldendoodle #chicagodoodles #adogspot 🎉🎂💝

A photo posted by Luna The Goldendoodle (@lunathedoodlebear) on

Everyone is just nailing those arabesques today.

Now for your pas de deux.

Beach Bully Ballet?

A photo posted by ✨🌟Mackie 🔹 Big Nog 🔹Tommy🌟✨ (@mackie_bulldog) on

Just try not to smother your partner.

And straddle jump for the finale!

Good work everyone!

Be sure to congratulate each other on your hard work.

Let your feet take a breather. See you next class!

At work with mom. Don't judge. Grrr… #pointeshoes #toeshoes #ballet #doggieballerina

A photo posted by Nelson (@nelsonnoodle) on