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20 nature pictures made by quadcopter

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There are pictures made by quadcopter with camera. This way of making photography is not new, but it is getting more and more popular recently. This collection shows that photography made by quadcopters (or drones) with camera can be very valuable. It might be hard to learn and also sometimes to cope with legal guidelines, but it is totally worth it to take up that hobby. Most hobbyists are taking pictures mostly for fun and to show around. There are also a lot of professional photographers who take them.

The fun fact on drones is that they are often being used to observe the public (on protests for example), some newspapers are using them to make photos of famous stars and they are even helpful in many rescue missions. Many big companies are also testing drone delivery at the moment. In general, owning a drone or quadcopter is becoming more and more usual and there is an increasing number of people who own those toys. They got much cheaper. The question that we can then rightfully ask ourselves is: Are drones the next big thing?

The answer to this question is debatable. But we can in meanwhile just enjoy the beautiful aerial footage made by drones. It truly is amazing how good the photos made by drone can become.