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19 Things That Happen When You Have The Cutest Face In The World

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The cute life is the best life.

“Sometimes it’s really hard for people to resist squishing my kissable wrinkles, but I understand.”

“And when your cheeks look like THIS, you can save lil’ snacks on them for later in the day.”

“I never have to worry about whether sunglasses look good on me, because ALL OF THEM look good this face.”

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“Nap time instantly becomes more adorable with a face like this.”

“Whether I’m dressed up and feelin’ ~funky~…”

“…or straight up chilling in my sweats…”

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“…I’m always lookin’ HELLA ADORABLE.”

“There are some downsides though, people don’t always take me seriously…”

Grrrr I'm gonna get'cha👿 #guarddog #puppy #petofday #winstagram #beware #sharpei #datface #wrinkles

A photo posted by Winston Caruana (@winston_sharpei) on

“…and my naps get interrupted because everyone wants to kiss my face.”

“But I guess that’s not SO BAD, ‘cause I’m always feelin’ the love.”

“Even when you have the cutest face in the world, you end up puttin’ your foot in your mouth every once in a while!”

“But it’s all good, I just gotta keep reminding myself to live my best, most adorable life.”

“And I’m never afraid to use my cute powers to get snackies every now and then.”

“Okay…maybe a little more often than ‘every now and then.’”

“I never worry about having a hot beach bod because I know life is all about spreading adorable around ALL THE TIME.”

“Even the sun thinks my face is cute! I know cause it’s always givin’ me kisses.”

“There are some major perks…like being the number one choice for finishing off the peanut butter jar.”

“And I know my smile is my superpower because it can bring happiness to even the saddest lil’ person.”

“Most of all, I get to put a lil’ more cute in everyone’s day…and is there really anything better than that?!”