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19 Cats Who Don't Care If You're Busy

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They’re not in your way.

“You’re not even typing with letters! There are only numbers up here! What a dummy.”

“Yeah, 2003 called. It wants its albums back.”

“I can’t imagine you’ll amount to much in life, so don’t worry about getting your homework done.”

Ne ist okay :D #catonmydesk #datadamhören

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“This corner of the screen isn’t important, right? Cool.”

This cat… #anniederp #lookscomfy #computercat #catondesk

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“We all know you upload your pics into Photoshop before Instagram. Stop trying to hide the lies.”

“Funny. There WOULD be more space for me to lay down if SOMEBODY tidied up more often.”


Excuse me, Charlie! Can I get my papers? #catsofinstagram #catonmydesk #morningroutine

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“Sorry, am I in the way of your different piles of junk mail?”

“No one wants to see your slideshow of vacation pics, alright? I’m doing us all a favor.”

Ha, I caught your mouse!

A photo posted by Meow Pie (@meowpiediaries) on

“I might’ve made a few edits to your novel. Just a few.”

“This is what you look like when you take your ‘working at home’ selfie. Isn’t it ridiculous?”

#gordon #chillout #mainecoon

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“Your schedule says it’s naptime, so like. Here I am. Napping. On time.”

“Nope, haven’t seen your pen all day. Weird that I have a pen-shaped pain in my side, though.”

“Are you REALLY updating your blog that you haven’t touched in months? Like, REALLY?”

Always has to be with me… #catonmydesk #love

A photo posted by Chloe Fleury (@chloefleury) on

“You used too many exclamation points in your email. Just saying.”

Not conducive to productivity #catondesk

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“Let’s talk about your dead plant problem and not about how much space I’m taking up.”

เกาแมว #cat #gingercat #pouring #catkeyboard #catondesk

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“I think all this math has made me dumber. And it’s definitely made you dumber. Let’s take a break!”

Don't study. Play with me is more important. #catondesk #catonbook #catsofworld #funnycat #catsofinstagram

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“You don’t wanna get eye strain, do you? Just take a break, champ.”

#joey #cat #catondesk #gingercat

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“It’s bed time. You can’t deny it. All two of your friends are asleep, probably.”

#vscocam #vsco #orangetabby #cat #meow #latenightwork #mentalsupport #catstatue #catondesk

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