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19 Breakfasts You Have To Try In Leeds

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Coffee o’clock.

The Full English at Popina’s

Even if you’ve only been to Leeds once for a drunken night out, chances are you’ve been to Popina’s. A site of pilgrimage for hungover students, its fry-ups are so huge they basically squeeze all the alcohol out of the sides of you. Or something like that but they definitely make you feel better.

Peanut Butter Brownie at Laynes Espresso

Cake and coffee @belgravemusichall today. Easy Sunday.

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Laynes Espresso (@laynesespresso) on

If you’re the type of person who can justify a brownie for breakfast then you should go forth and enjoy it, at Layne’s where they’re best.

£4.95 Fry Up at Dare Cafe

£4.95 Fry Up at Dare Cafe

Twitter: dare_leeds / Via Twitter: @dare_leeds

The least greasy, most delicious, and affordable fry up in student-ville, Dare in Headingley is worthy of your weekend time. £5 for a quality fry up, toast and tea. Absolutely yes!

Smashed Avocado at Whites Deli

Smashed Avocado at Whites Deli

Whites Deli / Via

Kickstart your weekend with Whites’ smashed avo on sourdough, tomatoes and balsamic glaze. Tasty, wholesome and healthy.

Laynes Sunday Brunch at Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen

One of todays dishes served up at out brunch @belgravemusichall – Shakshuka Eggs.

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Laynes Espresso (@laynesespresso) on

On Sunday Laynes take their brunch to Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen. Crowds follow in search of their magical Shakshuka.

Homemade Crumpets at Grub & Grog, Northern Monk Refectory

A photo posted by @mauricedans on

A couple of homemade crumpets with grilled cheese and beans is a spectacular way to start any day. Better yet, every day.

Full English at The Greedy Pig

Full English at The Greedy Pig

Foodspotting / Via

A definite contender for the best Full English fry-up in the city, Greedy Pig delivers generous portion, good bacon and good value (£5). You won’t be disappointed.

Can we also recommend the Full English at Riveresque, which gives you THREE slices of bacon. Not one, not two, but THREE.

Custard Tarts at La Bottega Milanese

Custard Tarts at La Bottega Milanese

A Tale of Two Sittings / Via

Get any day off to a sweet start with a flat white and a custard tart at La Bottega Milanese. The ratio of flaky pastry to creamy thick custard is spot on.

Porridge at Jack-Pots

Porridge at Jack-Pots

It’s Zoe’s Blog / Via

Porridge tastes so much better when it’s not with Sainsbury’s Basic Oats and gone off milk dregs. Jack-Pots’ porridge is creamy, moreish and satisfying. In fact totally different to our version. Mix and match your toppings as you choose/ can afford.

Quality Toast at Opposite

morning 🍌🍌 #flatwhite #breakfastgame

A photo posted by Robbie Miller (@r0bbiemiller) on

A Leeds University institution, Opposite is on every student’s radar, often for a quick coffee but more likely for an awkward meeting with your delegated group assignment pals thanks to its proximity to campus. At least you can relax over their great coffee (‘finest in the North’ they call it) and a slice of chunky sourdough and peanut butter — a world away from the toast we make ourselves. Even grown ups can go there too now that there are other sites in the VQ and in Chapel Allerton.

Posh Breakfast Sides at LS6

Saturday brunch with the gang at LS6 #VSCOcam

A photo posted by Nan Benjapor (@nannie_blue_pearl) on

LS6 makes regular brekkie options fancy. Try the Not Just Any Bacon & Egg Bap, a toasted muffin with bacon, a fried egg, dressed rocket, house relish and aioli. Even the breakfast sides are fancy. Asparagus, smoked salmon, and shout out to the sweet potato and thyme hash browns, which are extra buff.

Crazy Cereal at Moo’d

Cereal round 2 with @megandalyy

A photo posted by Sam Magnus (@samanthamagnus) on

Everyone knew the cereal cafe trend was going to spread across the nation and turns out Yorkshire loves cereal just as much as London does. Cue Moo’d, a cereal cafe in Headingley stocking all the international faves you can think of. If you’re feeling extra wealthy or your student loan drop just came in, stop in for an overpriced bowl of cereal — complete with crushed up Party Rings, Flumps and strawberry milk.

Jazzy Avo on Toast at Mill Kitchen

The BEST meal of the day 👍#millkitchen #farsley #leeds

A photo posted by Bronwen Salmon (@bronsalmon) on

Be a trailblazer and go get your breakfast in Farsley, a suburb which is railing up Leeds’ cool radar. With gentrification comes indie cafes, like Mill Kitchen, which wins for its avocado on cornbread (fancy), with slow-roast tomatoes, a poached egg, hot sauce, and the best thing on the planet, halloumi.

Eggs Benedict at Hepworth’s Deli

Eggs Benedict at Hepworth’s Deli

Trip Advisor / Via

Tucked away in sleepy Thornton’s Arcade is Hepworth’s Deli and its brilliant Eggs Benedict, dripping in delicious hollandaise.

Pancakes at Mrs Atha’s

Breakfast with the girls #mrsathas

A photo posted by Sophie Jenkins (@madsophiee) on

Light pancakes with blueberry compote on kitschy mismatched china, served with great coffee. Grandma’s not here in Leeds so we go to Mrs Atha’s.

Veggie Breakfast at The Well

Veggie Breakfast at The Well

Whip Until Fluffy / Via

Worth the trip to Meanwood for The Well’s quality veggie brekkie: Glamorgan sausages with a free-range egg, tomato, mushrooms, Heinz beans and toast from the local baker.

Homemade Cinnamon Buns at Graze

Fresh Cinnamon Buns

A photo posted by Jen Albrow (@jen_grazeleeds) on

Call Lane isn’t just good for tequila but breakfast too. A coffee and one of their freshly baked cinnamon scones will do nicely.

Yorkshire Breakfast at Angelica

Yorkshire breakfast served 10am – 11:45am

A photo posted by Angelica Leeds (@angelica_leeds) on

Full English porn. Just look at it. If student loans aren’t for £11 breakfasts, what are they for?

Pulled Pork Pancake at Red’s True BBQ

Pulled Pork Pancake at Red's True BBQ

Red’s True Barbecue / Via

Pulled. Pork. Pancakes.