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18 Things Everyone Must Eat In Oxford

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The city of dreamy pies.

Waffles and Ice Cream at G&D’s Cafe

From waffles, to brownies and ice cream, to delicious sundaes, when it comes to a sugar rush, G&D’s can do no wrong. The city chain is constantly proffering up new and exciting flavours, keeping Oxford’s ice cream aficionados happy (and full).

Café Breakfast at The Jericho Café

Breakfast with @masturamaria 😊

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Nestled in the ridiculously lovely Jericho area of Oxford, this café offers a cosy, buzzing interior and great food. Visiting later on in the day? The Warm Goat’s Cheese Salad also gets a Double First from us.

Pad Thai at Oli’s Thai

Pad Thai at Oli's Thai

As a university city, it’s no surprise Oxford does budget food well, and Oli’s is up there among the best. Tuck into the tasty Thai dishes to feel like you’re on your gap yah all over again (without the food poisoning).

Pie, Mash and Mushy Peas at Pieminister

From British venison to wild mushrooms, there’s a mouthwatering selection of pies on offer at this venue, located inside Oxford’s food-tastic Covered Market. Order as many sides and toppings as you can cram on the plate.

Diavolo Pizza at Pizza Artisan

"Slice slice, baby." – Vanilla Ice #pizzafoodtruck #eeeeeats #infatuationsummer

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It’s official: the best things in Oxford come out of the back of a van. Head down to Christchurch College after 7pm and enjoy a pizza so delicious you’ll barely believe you’re not in Italy (until someone wearing a gown nearly runs you over on their bike).

Cookies from Ben’s Cookies

BEN'S COOKIE🍪 しあわせ♡ #oxford#benscookie#chocolate#sweet#heaven

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Enter the Covered Market from the High Street and your nostrils will be hit by the smell of actual heaven – also known as Ben’s Cookies. When it comes to choosing your flavour, just ask for whatever’s come straight out of the oven – these bad boys are best enjoyed hot.

Homemade Oxford Sausages at St Giles’ Cafe

Homemade Oxford Sausages at St Giles' Cafe

Twitter: @theabingdontaxi / Via Twitter: @theabingdontaxi

Based on a recipe from a Victorian cookbook, the Oxford sausage contains thyme, sage, lemon zest, salt, black pepper and winter savoury (plus a fair whack of pork, obvs). If you’re a real sausage groupie, you can even watch a video about how they’re made here.

Tea and cake at the Queen’s Lane Coffee House

Queen’s Lane Coffee House quite rightly prides itself on being the longest established coffee house in Europe. Luring in customers since 1654, they’re clearly doing something right here…

Salmon and Scrambled Eggs at Georgina’s

Nothing beats a good breakfast with my girl @katelouisenicholls #breakfast #bagel #salmon #oxford

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The perfect spot for a gossip and a bite to eat, Georgina’s is a vibrant cafe located up a set of pink stairs in (you guessed it) the Covered Market. It’s basically the fun little sister to more grown-up cafe Brother’s downstairs.

A Freshly Baked Loaf from The Natural Bread Company

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An artisanal bread shop that started life in a farmer’s market sounds terribly Oxford doesn’t it? But with a delicious array of sourdough loaves, plus drool-worthy cakes, this is the place to go to have all your carb cravings sorted.

McLovin Burger at Atomic Burger

For those days when one burger is simply not enough, this double-stacked, cheesy, pickle-covered burger of dreams will do the job, and then some. Schedule in time for a long lie down afterwards.

Mezze at Al-Shami

Lebanese mezze for lunch

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Life doesn’t get much better than a few happy hours spent scoffing down a Lebanese mezze. Take as many friends as possible so you can order ALL the dishes.

Sushi at Edamame

It takes careful planning to enjoy Edamame’s sushi menu – it’s only available on a Thursday night – but with food this tasty/Instagram-friendly, it’s definitely worth the effort.

All the Fondues at Pierre Victoire

Dinner was certainly fun(due) ❤️

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Visit this absolute charmer of a French restaurant on Little Clarendon Street to enjoy plenty of magnifique dishes, including a Swiss cheese fondue for your main course, or a chocolate fondue for dessert. We recommend having both, obviously.

Pulled Pork Bun from Big Society

A wallet-friendly option on Cowley Road, Big Society offers melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork, as well as a satisfying selection of laddish food such as hotwings, burgers and fried chicken.

South Indian Feast at Dosa Park

#authentic #indianfood #oxford #foodstagtam #foodporn #southindian #delicious #dosa #thali #paratha #oxfordshire #ukig

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Located on Park End Street (Shark End to Oxford grads), Dosa Park doesn’t look particularly gorgeous from the outside. However, delve in and you’ll find all the perfectly-spiced dosas and thalis your tastebuds could ever hope for.

Duck and Mushroom Rice Bowl at SoJo

Offering an enormous array of traditional dishes, SoJo says it serves up “food a Chinese grandmother would put on the dinner table”. The family connection doesn’t end there – the restaurant is named after Sofia and Jodie, the owners granddaughters.

Kebab from Hassan’s Kebab Van

Hassan’s kebabs might not look pretty, but they’re the stuff that legends are made of. You don’t even have to be drunk to eat one.