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18 Mother's Day Gifts Your Cat Would Give You If They Could

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Because in your eyes, your cat is your child.

On Mother’s Day, your cat wouldn’t wake you up and would patiently wait to be fed.

She might even make the bed and vacuum up her shedding.

You’re such a good mom, I wouldn’t be surprised if your cat did the laundry on Mother’s Day too.

She might surprise you with chocolates.

Or a knit blanket that secretly she just wanted to make for herself.

What a lazy cat! #lazy #cat #snuggly #catsofinstagram #instacat

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On Mother’s Day, your cat would be nice to the dog. JUST for you, not the dog.

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And he would let you boop him as many times as you wanted without biting you.

And you might actually get hugs.

Maybe your kitty would assemble that shelving unit you haven’t gotten around to.

My cat has got wood! #shelfs #black #cat

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Is there any other house work that needs done? Your cat would take care of it on Mother’s Day.

And if you wanted to relax with some Netflix, your kitty would give you AT LEAST an hour without sitting on the keyboard.

Maybe she thinks she's helping.

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Maybe your cat would buy you a house plant.

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Or a decorative artificial plant (so that she can play in the box too.)

Maybe your cat will surprise you with cruise tickets, and then realize his mistake because you’ll be gone for a long time and he’ll miss you because cats don’t go on cruises.

Que susto D:!! #siamese #cat

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Instead of a cruise, perhaps your kitty would opt for an ice cream date.

Maybe your cat would buy you a new book and give you the whole day to relax and read it.

Or maybe she’d write her own Ode to Mom poem and read that to you.

Pretty girl 🌷💛 #cat #poser #flowers #baby #love #catsofinstagram #daughter

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And even though your kitty won’t be getting you a Mother’s Day gift, that’s alright, because you know deep down your cat loves you very much, and that’s a gift in itself.

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