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18 Dogs You Wish Worked In Your Office

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Every day is casual Friday, basically.

“Looking sharp today!”

“I beat my own chair spinning record, but you missed it!”

Oh I'm sorry, did you want your chair back? #seatstealer #officedog #yousnoozeyoulose

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“Look what I can make in Paint!”

Lola's hard at work. #dogsofinstagram #dogs #minidaschund #officedog

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“Don’t tell anyone, but I only sat in Jessica’s chair to fart all over it.”

Casual Wednesday sits. #bearsits @awkwardsittingdogs #officedog #awkwardsittingdogs

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:'D #hexe #officedog

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“Shh, I’m gonna pull a prank in a couple minutes, unless I fall asleep first…”

“I’ve been busy organizing ALL DAY. You’ll be at the happy hour later, right?”

Little helper. 🐶❤️ #officedog #beagle #lemonbeagle #ilovemydog #floopyears

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“Just checking out what the receptionist sees every day. What a new perspective!”

The Locks leasing office has a pet today. #yellowlab #thelocksrva #rvapets #rspca #richmondva #officedog

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“Riiiiight here is where I’d like my new set of drawers, please.”

“Just a lil YouTube break, no worries. It’s for work, I swear.”

“Don’t mind me, just making sure your mousepad is still fully operational.”

Someone is keeping me from drawing. She's awfully sweet though. #officedog #TRD #triangleresidentialdesigns #trdmascot

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“…Can you smell if there’s wine on my breath after our ‘work lunch’?”

“Here, let me drive for a sec? I’ll connect this to our printer real fast.”

“Ugh. I dropped my pen. Guess I’m, like, done for the day?”

“I just don’t get these newfangled machines sometimes.”

“Nooo, I wasn’t logging into your Facebook to leave a joke status about your bathroom habits…”

“Thanks for being a pal, Sharon. Just needed a little quiet time.”

The life of an #officedog

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“Awww, you remembered my birthday?? You guys are the BEST! I couldn’t ask for better co-workers.”

Happy 5th birthday to my favorite furry dude! #yorkshireterrorist #officedog

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