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18 Cats Who Are Staring Contest Champions

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They won fair and stare.

“I’ve already napped for, like, seven hours today, so I can go all night if we need to.”

“I ate a can of tuna earlier, so these farts are ready to distract you and rock. Your. World.”

“By the way, all your shoes are poop-filled as of five minutes ago.”

Not sure what she's thinking…but it can't be good #catvidfest16

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“Oh, also? I heard your mother-in-law was gonna make a surprise visit.”

Lexi is having a slow start to her week! 😊 #indc #catstare #cat #domesticshorthair

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“Fun fact: it would take four Earths to sustain the way we’re living… but we only have the one.”

“I’m leaving you for Mike.”

“We know we’re adopted.”

“Guess how many dead birdie bodies are buried back there.”

“I used the toilet paper. But not the litter box.”

“Someone might’ve replaced your soy milk with real milk.”

“I bet Dumbledore secretly had it out for Harry the whole time.”

“Guess what? The Wire is overrated.”

Samantha en su nuevo hogar 😊 #catinnewhome #whitecat #catstare

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“Don’t panic, but I butt-dialed Nathan from your phone, and we had a loooooong conversation about your relationship’s secrets.”

Percy will stare into your soul. #cat #catstare

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“Kale is just curly ass lettuce.”

“Bet you can’t remember how many toes I have.”

“Comics? Yeah, they’re for LAME-OS.”

“Heard it’s gonna snow AGAIN tomorrow.”

I think someones watching me :) #cutecat#cute#catstare#staringcompetition

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Flafi viviendo el partido Col vs Uru 💛💙❤️ #catstare #catlove #curiouscat

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