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17 Fun Games To Play If You're Short

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You may be little, but you can dream BIG.

Use a green screen to make a movie in which you are the tallest one.

Take photos from a low angle and straighten your back so that you look like The Supreme Ruler of Everything.

Practice getting SERIOUS height on your jumps, and then put that practice into action!

Pretend like you’re a bat that turns into a vampire, so when the light hits you, you turn to stone.

Do your best impression of a potato.

Claim that your muscles are so little they need regular massages to work right.

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Find the tallest thing in your house and scale it.

Make believe that your giant bed is a ship, and you are the lone captain, lost at sea.

New spare room: Elfie approved. #Dwarfism #CatsOfInstagram #AdoptDontShop #Elfie #DwarfCat

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Stand as tall as you can and time how long it takes the sunlight coming in through the window to reach your eyes.

Buy a fabric with small printed dinosaurs on it and pretend you are big enough to squish them.

You can’t change your height, but you CAN change your pupil size! How big can you make them??

Dem teefs!!! 😍😍😍 #gimli #gimlithedwarfcat #catsofinstagram #dontshopadopt

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Find the perfect size ball that will be the same as Lebron’s ‘legs to basketball’ proportion.

Break the Internet Elfie. #elfie #dwarfcat #dontshopadopt #catsofinstagram #dwarfism

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Find a short friend to sit with you on a high perch and pretend to be judges at a fashion show.

These two have a serious case of the Mondays. 😐 #elfie #gimli #dwarfcats #dontshopadopt #catsofinstagram

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See how many people you can make say “Are you crazy?” as opposed to “How tall are you?”

No caption needed. 😂 #catsofinstagram #elfie

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Embrace the fact that you can fake fall and it’s not that far to the ground.

Whisper “How’s the weather up there?” to the tall people and scurry away before they even notice you were around.

And work on that catwalk! Because you may be short, but that doesn’t stop you from being FABULOUS.

Elfie and Gimli are cats with dwarfism, who were rescued after being sent to the shelter because their previous owner believed something was “wrong” with them. They are now in a loving home and are proud advo-CAT-es for animal adoption!

If you’re interested in adopting, you can always check out your local humane society/animal shelter or even look online at Petfinder!