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17 Cats With Smooshed Faces And Crushed Dreams

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They tried.

“I thought I would pass Algebra. I was wrong.”

…What? Is there somethings on my face? #what #whatdoyouwant

A photo posted by Copper Kitty (@copper_kitty) on

“I tried to be a morning person today, and it didn’t really work out.”

“That curry didn’t taste as good as I thought it would.”

There's the face I've been waiting for! Hot mess of the night goes to B! 😹 #bainababy #hotmess #hotmesscats #derp

A photo posted by Dexter & Baina (@dexterandbaina) on

“I always saw myself as an outdoor cat. I was mistaken.”

*thpppt* Dat's the noise a tongue makes.

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“I’d hoped these cookies were for me. Maybe. Possibly just one time. But nope.”

Chef Stitch's Tuesday Special: Chocolate Chip Catnip Cookies 🍪

A photo posted by Stitch 🐾 aka Septimus (@stitch_the_exotic) on

“I dreamt I was actually making biscuits. When I woke up, no biscuits.”

On today's menu we have biscuits…. and… TACOS #ttt#tacotuesday @highcatsofig

A video posted by Cheddar Bob (@cheddarbobthecat) on

“Was this not supposed to be a LADIES ONLY night, Janice?! WHY DID YOU BRING BRAD?”

“But why can’t I eat whatever I want?”

“I literally just started my diet yesterday.”

“My deodorant did not work as advertised during my jog.”

“I had hoped this summer wouldn’t be so dang sweltering.”


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“I wish this much coffee was legal for me to drink, but I might actually begin to bounce off the walls.”


“I thought this was a ‘no tears’ shampoo.”

“I wanted to be more spontaneous, so here I am, miserable and sopping.”

“I really believed I’d finish this book by now.”

“I was hoping you’d have shut up already.”


A photo posted by Doc Holliday Snuggymuggins (@_hollykitty) on

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