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17 Adorable Dogs Dressed As Ghosts

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1. This earnest ghost.

"#boo! Happy Halloween!" by @lu_luvs_u — thanks for sharing! #friskyinphilly

A photo posted by Frisky In Philly (@friskyinphilly) on

2. And this stoic one.

3. This smiley ghost.

4. This begging ghost.

nah nah nah nah nah GHOST DOG! #ghostdog

A photo posted by Jen ✈️🌏 (@longjen0) on

5. This ghost with ears.

Happy Halloween! #ghostdog #halloween

A photo posted by @lindseymlamb on

6. This suspicious ghost.

Happy finaos day. Asar castañas es nuestra obligación.

A photo posted by @lauruxu on

7. This sweet ghost…

8. …and this sleepy one…

9. …and this cutie sleeve.

Happy Halloween's Day!!! #helloween #ghostdog

A photo posted by @kotonets on

10. This simple trick-or-treater.

11. This little guy who just wants a treat already.

12. This one who tried, he really, really tried.

getting in the halloween spirit 👻🎃 boo!!!!!

A photo posted by Kirby (@kirbythefrenchie) on

13. This proud ghost.

14. This ghost who WILL trick you if you don’t treat him.

15. This ghost who got lost in his ghostlyness…

Today, I give you Ghost Dog. And yes, we found him this way. #Ghostdog #rotd

A video posted by Dina Lawrence (@dinaisawesome) on

16. This huggable ghost.

Bailey ghost

A photo posted by Alicia Greene (@aliciagreene) on

17. And finally, the winner of all ghost dog costumes!

A scary ghost dog for the holidays #dogbreath #scarydog #spoopy #ghostdog #happyhalloween

A photo posted by Dog Breath (@dog.breath) on