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16 Dogs With Kindergarten Smiles

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They may not know how to smile, but it sure is cute.

The Classic

My mom's dog, Monk is smiling. It took some work to get this shot. #schipperke #smilingdog

A photo posted by Ty Jorgensen (@ty_allthethings) on

Defined By: An ernest attempt at a smile, but the upward angle of the lips is forced and the eyes show genuine hope for the future.

The Dead Eyes Smile

Happy Monday!!! I hope we can all be as happy as this dog (Janus). #happydog #smilingdog

A photo posted by Rache (@rachie.rache) on

Defined By: A normal smile, but the eyes do not match. Rather, they appear to reflect a nervousness, possibly due to concerns about having a good smile.

The Over A-CHEESE-er

Defined By: Often open-mouthed. Accompanied by rigid posture and the appearance of straining to be as tall as possible.

The 20

Yes you are beautiful #Barnold #SmilingDog #vsco #pup

A photo posted by Naoise Byrne (@naoisebyrne) on

Defined By: Going to great lengths to display all 20 baby teeth.

The Obtuse Angle

#smilingdog #smilingrattie

A photo posted by WhatSnew? (@nm8trx) on

Defined By: A crooked half-smile that creates an angle greater than 90 degrees.

The “I’m Not Sure How Long I Can Hold This” Smile

Ctfu she be ready for the camera too or #whatevuhs i love this bicha #kecuute #mylife #mydog #smilingdog

A video posted by PrInce Charming (@animal525) on

Defined By: Eyes appear to be twitching, usually signs of movement and muscle strain, a growing fear is apparent.

The “I Just Tooted” Smile

Happy Friday #smilingdog

A photo posted by Catherine (@csbell) on

Defined By: Close-lipped smile, shoulders hunched, eyes expressing sheepishness.

The Bottom Row

my cuzzo #ticotheyorkie smiling at the sound of my name 😜 #dogsofinstagram #pearlywhitesmile #smilingdog

A photo posted by Lenny Bear (@lennybearoflove) on

Defined By: Only bottom row of teeth is visible.

The Eyes Straight Up Closed Smile

This is how Kulama naps. Smiling. #lol #smile #naps #love #instadog #funny #dogsmile #westpackbnb

A photo posted by Danielle & Deborah West (@westpackbnb) on

Defined By: Eyes are “straight up closed,” and subject possesses a certain blissfulness about it.

The Mid-Sentence Smile

Defined By: Open-mouthed smile in which subject appears to have been speaking whilst the picture was being taken.

The Grimace

Defined By: Teeth are bared and eyes squinted. General expression mimics that of someone recently awaking from a nap.

The Gazing Off At Something Shiny Smile

Defined By: Subject’s line of sight travels out of frame, and smile is wistful and dream-like.

The Questioning Your Motives Smile

Defined By: Juxtaposition of severe doubt in you in the eyes and casualness of smile. Subject seems unimpressed by use of props, such as flowers and little twine necklaces.

The 2 Cool 2 Commit Smile

Miss Happy !!❤️#smile #dog #parson #jackrussel #smilingdog #cheese

A photo posted by @sunangele on

Defined By: Half-hearted smile and detached eyes, usually emoting “I wish I was anywhere but here.”

The Over-Confident Smile

Defined By: Over-exaggeration of the smile, eyes, eyebrows, and full view of the tongue.

The Smile Your Mom Will Always Show Off

Happy tongue out tuesday 🌸😝👅 so happy today!! #smilingdog #tot

A photo posted by Nickie Marie Eisenmann (@nickie.internationalyorkie) on

Defined By: Genuine happiness and cuteness in its purest form.