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15 Fish And Chip Shops You Must Visit Before You Die

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Sing for your supper.

Magpie Café, Whitby

This legendary chippy is 100% worth the trip to the North-East coast. Walk the cliffs to work up an appetite first, and be prepared to queue for your supper.

Aldeburgh Fish and Chips, Suffolk

Fish and chips on the beach 😊 #day21 #100happydays #sunshine #yum

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Be aware that there’s often a large queue. You could always try your luck at the Golden Galleon, which is run by the same team.

Anstruther Fish Bar, Fife

The best fish & chips in the world 😍 #anstruther #anstrutherfishbar #chippy #eastneuk #scotland

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Situated in a seaside village, fish for your tea doesn’t get better than this.

The Regency, Brighton

Yes, there is than just fish and chips. But it’s a good place to start.

The Cod’s Scallops, Nottingham

The Cod’s Scallops, Nottingham

Alec Frusher

This place was voted in the 2013 National Fish and Chips awards. I mean, just check out the batter.

Stein’s Fish and Chips, Cornwall

Don’t bother with queueing for the restaurant – get a hake and chips to take away, sit on the pier, wonder if life can get any better than this.

Bizzie Lizzie’s, North Yorkshire

So full!!! #fishandchips #bizzielizzies #skipton #yorkshire #uk

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Bizzie’s are a member of the National Federation of Fish Fryers, so they take their batter seriously, and their fish even more so – tracking their fish through sustainable fisheries. And, of course, it all tastes bloody great.

Bonus! They offer gluten free batter.

Fish Central, London

It’s tricky to find good fish and chips in London, it’s true. But Fish Central raises the stakes, with a commitment to fresh, well-cooked fish and chips. You can’t ask for more, really.

Old Salty’s, Glasgow

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This is too good to resist. If you’re keen to eat like a local, sub your fish for a macaroni pie.

Fylde Fish Bar, Southport

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Mushy peas that don’t muck about, from three generations of fish and chip experts.

The Seafarer, Broadstairs

The Seafarer, Broadstairs

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Get your fish supper to takeaway, and eat on beautiful .

The Bay, Aberdeen

Not been here in years. Still one of Aberdeen's finest chippers.

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The Bay is only six years old, but it’s making waves. They won UK’s Best Independent Takeaway at the 2013 National Fish and Chip awards. And the view from the restaurant doesn’t hurt either.

The Bridewell, Liverpool

The Bridewell, Liverpool

Flickr: norio-nakayama / Via Creative Commons

A city centre take on a chippy supper, and one of the things you need to eat in .

Hiltons Fish Bar in Essex

The best batter in For a local twist, get a saveloy.

Bonus! They also do a gluten-free batter.

Poppies, London

Poppies aims to recreate an authentic East End fish and chip experience – complete with jellied eels. They know what they’re talking about, owner Pop Newland has served fish and chips in the East End of London all his life.